Eliminating all types of dangerous chemicals, without hindering the clients’ imagination nor compromising the product quality is certainly an ambitious challenge that only innovative companies, which rely on the best technologies available, are able to manage. Calzificio Eire is a cutting edge company in the research of solutions to the reduction of environmental impact, so that we can offer our clients the best in terms of ecological, social and transparency standards. This is why we have chosen to become DETOXLeader, committing ourselves to what are the most advanced standards today, as defined by the Greenpeace Detox Campaign, for the elimination of all dangerous substances. On 18 July 2017, Calzificio Eire publicly undertook the DETOX commitment (s), and with it the moral responsibility towards its clients and the public to fully abide to it. In this area of the website, the company will provide its progress on the DETOX commitment.

In accordance with our DETOX commitment, Calzificio Eire has already made remarkable progress for what concerns the elimination of dangerous substances as defined in its M-RSL (Download Document). We carefully monitor, through periodical chemical analysis, any possible and unexpected deviation from our commitment, so that we can readily intervene with corrective action. Since the beginning, the company has cross-checked and analyzed ( Download Document-A e Document-B) all the 11 groups of priority chemical substances contained in its M-RSL and defined by the DETOX standard.

Our products and processes are free from:

Phthalates ✔
Brominated and chlorinated flame retardants ✔
Azo dyes ✔
Organotin compounds ✔
Chlorobenzenes ✔
Chlorinated solvents ✔
Chlorophenols ✔
Short chain chlorinated paraffins ✔
PFCs (Perfluorocarbon / Polyfluorinated Compounds) ✔
Chromium VI (CrVI) ✔
Lead (Pb) Mercury (Hg) ✔
Cadmium (Cd) ✔
Mercurio ✔

The products selected for the analysis, concerned with the absence of substances, represent about 50% of the current company’s production. As per our commitment, with the next analysis Calzificio Eire will expand the coverage to a greater number of products.

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Our M-RSL list of prohibited substances.

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