Our company is founded in the Casalmoro historic headquarters.
Our first market is the Italian market. We first begin working as an external contractor for the big names of the hosiery industry. From them we quickly absorb a professional and rigorous working method. The range of products designed at this time include women’s stockings and tights.



We enter the international market, by supplying many Eastern countries, in particular Russia. In the years of significant growth that follow, we consolidate our experience as private label producers, working with a number of different European countries, as well as with Russia and the United States.

We open our seamless-weaving department, soon specializing in the production of underwear and notably on high-quality shapewear. We then expand to new market areas, including sports underwear.



Italstyle is born. Italstyle is our Albanian subsidiary company, guided by our Italian management with more than forty years of industry experience. An ever-expanding, cutting edge center of excellence, Italstyle provides services of high-quality sewing, ironing and packaging for Eire and other third parties, both Italian and foreign.

The company expands to a new production plant in San Fermo, whose 6000 m2 hosts the seamless weaving department, the offices and our logistics division. The historic headquarters in Casalmoro remain active as the location of the hosiery weaving room and the Research & Development department, as well as acting as the monitoring headquarters for quality and logistics.



Once again, we invest in the future. We build a new department devoted to heat-sealing, with new types of machines operating with ultrasound-cutting, thermo-assemblage and the possibility to siliconize a very wide range of fabrics. This is the time to enter the high-end sports clothing market.